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We want ”Tabikuru”  to mean being able to “travel” around Japan from your own home.

“Tabikuru” is a virtual tour held by us, Glocalproject.

“Tabi” means trip in Japanese and “kuru” means come. Tabikuru is supposed to literally mean a trip/adventure comes to you. It has the concept of, you do not have to take the trip to go to places.

You will be able to virtually travel all around Japan from your own home. You will be able to have special tours, not even a lot of Japanese people get to do. There are so many plans that can be made to enhance your experience with this virtual tour that you would not get if it was an actual tour!


If you’re stuck because you don’t know  where to go in Japan to have a full travel experience, or if you desire to have an original travel experience, or maybe even if you want to study ahead before you go on an actual tour, the purpose does not matter. This virtual tour would be for you.The Tabikuru program is an easy access from your phone or computer with a special travel experience virtually.

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Stay tuned, there is more to come!

2-10-3 Daimyo Chuo ward Fukuoka city Fukuoka Japan 8100041
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